๐ŸŽŠ Edgeware is Live. You can get involved by testing functions, voting, running for elections, proposing treasury spends, upgrades, validating, nominating, or joining a Working Group - research and discussions about governance, development, branding, and more.

We recommend all Edgeware users convert their Lockdrop addresses to the new network format. See the quick steps.โ€‹

What is Edgeware?

โ€‹Edgeware is an:

  • On-chain Governed,

  • Nominated Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Blockchain

  • Smart Contract Platform

  • with a WASM (WebAssembly) Runtime through Parity Substrate.

It is designed to apply decision-making process to the runtime of the blockchain, but also to the decision-making processes themselves, in an effort to rapidly generate more effective governance solutions for blockchain platforms.

Participants can vote, delegate, and fund improvements and upgrades through DAOs, economic mechanisms, cryptographic voting systems, and more.

Edgeware emphasizes user ownership and true decentralization through its governance mechanisms and through its unique token distribution mechanism, the lockdrop. Participants in Edgewareโ€™s lockdrop staked a total of 1.1 million ETH and have a voice in the future of the network; their votes and delegations fund network upgrades.

Edgeware users value the platform for its commitment and potential to fulfill this more decentralized and user-owned vision, both for the governance mechanisms as well as its unique token distribution mechanism, the lockdrop, which distributes tokens more fairly in order to achieve more effective and representative governance.

Edgeware is within the Polkadot Ecosystem.

This site, Edgeware Documentation, aims to become a community-developed resource for the use, validation, development on, and management of the Edgeware smart contract platform.