Create Multi Signature Account

In this chapter we will create a Multi-Signature account and perform a test transaction from the account.

You will go to the Accounts in Apps‚Äč


You will choose your signatures, i.e. your team mates accounts, in our scenario we choose Alice, Bob and Charlie. We set threshold to 2, that means there is only needed signature from two of three. You can set threshold to be less or equal to the number of signatories for multisig. We call it our Team Funding account.


Now we will top-up 1,000,000 tEDG to the Team Funding multi-signature account from Alice. Thank you Alice!


Create Transfer from Multi-Signature Account

Now that the Team Funding account has been seeded, we can pay DAVE 200,000 tEDG for completion of a project. In our accounts list, hit Send from our Team Funding account


Now we are prompted (as ALICE) to authorize transaction.

You will see there multisig call data with payload 0x0603ff306721211d5404bd9da88e0204360a1a9ab8b87c66c1bc2fcdd37f3c2222cc201b000000ed95c28f055a2a which is call data that can be supplied to a final call to multi approvals. It's what triggers chain logic to execute commands. You will hit Sign and Submit.


It was broadcasted to the chain, you can see notification on the top right.


Now we click on the right three dots next to our Team Funding account as there is multisig approvals pending (red dot) and select Send


You as other signator (BOB) enter same amount and destination to get same final call payload.


Now we as BOB we can authorize transaction. UI is smart enough and detected it's final approval. Under toggle Multisig message you will see same payload as we're creating multisig transaction. Hit Sign and Submit and it's should be signed 2 of 3 signatories which is enough for this scenario so can transaction can pass through to DAVE.


Woala, DAVE has money, funds secured on his account.


You've managed to learn how to make transaction for multi-signature. Multisignature has broad usecase and you can leverage final call for your use case to trigger what ever you want on chain.