Create an Account

There are currently two main ways to generate an account in Edgeware.

If you generated an account during the lockdrop period, you need to regenerate your public address from your secret phrase or seed. At this time, the only way to do this is through a command line tool, Subkey.

Create an Edgeware Account

Polkadot.js Browser Extension
Subkey (Command Line)
Polkadot.js Browser Extension

Click the Orange P symbol in your extensions

Click "I want to create a new account with a new seed."

Store your mnemonic seed somewhere securely. You will need it to maintain access to your account.

Next, enter in a password for your account. You should also store this securely.

Then click 'Add the account with the generated seed.'

Your new account should display in the list of accounts now and is ready for use. Click the identicon to the left to copy your public address.

Subkey (Command Line)

After installing Subkey successfully, run:

subkey -n edgeware generate

You should see an output something like below- save all of this information somewhere secure you will not be able to recover your account if you lose your phrase or seed.

Secret phrase `favorite liar zebra assume hurt cage any damp inherit rescue delay panic` is account:
Secret seed: 0x235c69907d33b85f27bd78e73ff5d0c67bd4894515cc30c77f4391859bc1a3f2
Public key (hex): 0x6ce96ae5c300096b09dbd4567b0574f6a1281ae0e5cfe4f6b0233d1821f6206b
Address (SS58): 5EXWNJuoProc7apm1JS8m9RTqV3vVwR9dCg6sQVpKnoHtJ68

If you previously generated an account without the -n edgeware flag, you need to derive the correct Address from your previous secret phrase orsecret seed.

You can use subkey -n edgeware inspect "YOUR SECRET PHRASE HERE" to obtain the network-ID inclusive Address (SS58)

What now?

Next, consider connecting your account to to access chain governance tools and community discussion, and also explore wallets to manage your EDG. You will need to sign a transaction from your account to do so, which will also require either the Polkadot.js tool or the Subkey program.