Connect an Account to a Wallet

There are several ways to connect your existing account from the Lockdrop or other events to an account manager or wallet. First, install the Polkadot.js Browser Extension:

Polkadot.js Extension
Polkadot.js Extension

Next, click the Orange P icon in your browser extension section.

Click the button stating "I have a pre-existing seed, import the account."

Enter your mnemonic phrase and hit the confirm button. Next, visit, ensure you are connected to the Edgeware network by clicking the top left network logo and selecting the network you want to connect to. Once connected, the extension will prompt you to authorize connecting your local wallet to the service.Select your account, enter your wallet password and authorize the interaction. You can now explore the chain and your account on Edgeware.

Finally, enter in a name and password twice for your newly connected account. Once connected, you can visit, connect to the Edgeware testnet, and view your balance and interact with the chain.