Wallets and Account Managers

Core Developer Wallets

  • Commonwealth.im (Signup in right top side, must connect EDG address)

    • At this time, the wallet is under development. It supports viewing balances, sending and receiving transactions, and governance actions via the Commonwealth.im UI. The public addresses shown do not display the Edgeware network ID-encoded version at this time, but this feature is due by end-of-launch-week. You should regenerate your public address using the link below.

  • Polkadot JS Browser Extension (Chrome and Firefox)

    • Can be used to connect EDG addresses to Commonwealth.im. (This is the Official Polkadot Wallet Extension)

    • Supports the most features via the Polkadot UI.

    • The Polkadot.js Browser Extension does not display the Edgeware network ID encoded at this time. The public address of your EDG wallet shown in the extension is encoded using the 'default network ID' of Subkey, the program that generates keypairs for Substrate-based chains. As a result, the public addresses shown may not be useful for using block explorers. You should regenerate your public key to derive the Edgeware network-ID-encoded public address, see above.

Community Developed Wallets:

  • MathWallet Browser Extension (Not developed or verified, community-developed)

  • Polkawallet - A mobile wallet for Polkadot on both iOs and Android. Currently in development but a Beta version is available for download. Follow development on GitHub.

  • SpeckleOS - Browser extension wallet. In development - follow progress on GitHub.

  • Enzyme - Browser extension wallet. Follow development on GitHub.