There are initially 5,000,000,000 (five billion) EDG tokens minted, divisible up to 18 decimal places.

No names have been assigned for fractions of an EDG, we refer to them by the default dollars/cents (1 EDG is a dollar, one EDG cent is 0.01 EDG.) This is a good opportunity for a proposal.


Inflation is currently ~95 EDG / block. The genesis specification parameters (in decimal) related to this ideal condition, and what the algorithm uses are: min_inflation: 0.025

max_inflation: 0.125

ideal_stake (rate): 0.800

Decay Rate aka falloff: 0.050

Initially, the ideal inflation rate is set to 158 EDG per block. This implies approximately 997,220,160 EDG in the first year, or just under 20% inflation at the target staking rate.

The total amount of EDG minted will remain the same year after year, causing the percentage inflation to be disinflationary, with yearly inflation falling to approximately 16.6% in the second year.

Additionally, a system-wide vote may further increase or decrease inflation.

Token Uses

On Edgeware, EDG has multiple functions. EDG entitles holders both staking and voting rights and the right to participate in governance and elections, proposal-making, as well as the ability to delegate this right to another account. EDG is also used to pay for state changes within the Wasm smart contract module.